Group Transportation

Verhoef Group Transportation ensures a safe transport of school-bound children, usually on a contractual basis. This service is one of the most complex services in our enterprise. Every year we bear the responsibility for a schedule that carefully combines the wishes and needs of parents, children, schools and our drivers. But there’s more; our schedule even has enough flexibility to quickly adjust to any mutations that may occur.

Highly efficient!

Group Transportation is a complex matter because of the schedule that allows little or no deviation. Verhoef is a member of ‘De Vier Gewesten’ (The Four Districts); a Dutch organization that coordinates and organizes transport-related projects. This saves us a lot of hassle and unnecessary paperwork which means that we can truly focus on our job. In addition, it’s highly efficient and our tenders prove it.

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About Verhoef

Verhoef Service Company is the specialist in the field of travel and transportation.