Quality; it's in our DNA


The number of certified drivers at Verhoef is above average. They are all professionals who have had a severe training and education. They are alert and will stay alert under all circumstances. In addition, they know exactly what to do even in unexpected situations. To them, driving a car is a profession; one that requires very specific skills and talents. In sum: Verhoef's certified drivers will make you feel comfortable and save.


Four levels of quality


Our drivers are 'available' in four different quality-levels that are indicated by the use of stars in the list below. When a driver acquires more official certificates his level of quality will rise. The three stars and four stars drivers were trained by the police and were all required to pass extensive examination. Our rates differ per quality level.

a representative and good driver, not certified.

certified driver, can provide basic first

certified driver, can provide first aid, trained in security

certified driver, can provide first aid, trained in security, trained in personal accompaniment

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