De complimenten van:

An important relation of Unilever called us at Sunday morning at 10.35 am to ask us why his car hadn't arrived yet. However, perfectly according to plan, his car was scheduled to arrive at 11.15. We later found out that his secretary had rescheduled his flight without telling him...“It was already hard for me to believe that Verhoef wouldn't be ready on time. In the past 30 years that I have used transportation I only had to call them once and when I did it turned out that another car was already on its way to replace its stranded colleague. What an extremely professional company you have! But, you see, that explains my phone call since after 5 minutes I already started to get anxious. Especially when I know that Verhoef is handling my transportation and are not ready when I want them to be... but this time my communication and that of my (ex)secretary wasn't perfect, so you will not hear me complain again. Except perhaps to say that I really think that you are an exceptional company with an all round, extremely competent staff. Have a nice morning and hopefully we shall talk to each other again soon.”

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