Verhoef Service Company, a success story that started in 1955.


The current Verhoef Service Company has grown over the past fifty years because of our hard work, strategic take-over purchases and a clear vision on the conveyance of passengers. When we introduced an individualistic approach to transport of passengers in 1990, Verhoef set a new standard for transportation everywhere that goes far beyond the generally known taxi-form of transportation. It is interesting to track the growth of the company based on a couple of milestones in our history.


1955 Barend and Rina Verhoef, until then both working in stores and the free-trade, buy a taxi-permit and a driving school from the firm of Slokker in Amstelveen. The company also rents cars, without drivers.

1956 • Verhoef buys second taxi-permit from the firm of Van Es.

• Consecutively, two permits from 'Van Poelgeest' are acquired.

1957 Relocation to a larger property at the Bovenkerkkade 42 in Amstelveen.

1958 • Verhoef takes over four permits from 'Cocquard' and from 'Van Sloothaak' in Amstelveen.

• Three of 'van Sloothaak's employees are also transferred.

• Verhoef takes over the permit from 'Van der Genugten'.

• The company continues to grow for a couple of years. Because of a lack of space all taxi's are eventually spread out all over Amsterdam and are parked in rented garages.

1968 Purchase of a property at the Heemraadschapslaan 70 in Amstelveen where a large garage is built to store all taxi's.

1970 Daughter Mariena Verhoef meets Hans Serné who winds up in the business as well.

1983 Take-over of 'Taxi Van der Wal'.

1985 Take-over of 'Taxi van Dalfsen'. Their son Ton van Dalfsen continues to work at Verhoef to this very day.


Implementation of the new Dutch law concerning the conveyance of passengers. In this law, all of the Netherlands is considered as one area of transportation. Hans Serné comes up with the idea to introduce qualitatively distinguished transportation for this entire area. The conveyance of passengers on a level that does not exist yet combined with a highly personal and individual service. Based on this idea, Verhoef Special Car Service is established.

1991 • Purchase of garage Bovenkerkerweg 129 in Amstelveen.

• Verhoef drives taxi-services in Amstelveen under the name TaxiCentrale Amstelland.

1992 • Take-over 'Atax' and 'W-Tax' from Amersfoort.

• Start of Schiphol Taxi-service, later including the Treintaxi (“Train-Taxi”).

1993 Rita Verhoef passes away.

1994 Take-over of 'Lubra', Nieuw Vennep.

1995 Barend Verhoef passes away. Hans Serné and Mariena Serné-Verhoef take-over the executive functions of the company.

2000 Relocation from the Heemraadschapslaan in Amstelveen to the Ondernemingsweg 100 in Uithoorn.

2003 • The transportation of students for the municipality Haarlemmermeer takes off.

• The company name is changed to Verhoef Service Company, the overarching name for all three divisions: Verhoef Select Drive, Verhoef Select Coaches and Verhoef Group Transportation.

2007 Hans Serné passes away. His children Marc, Bas and Bart take-over the leadership of the company with their mother, Mariena.

2009 • Long-term contract established between Verhoef and Unilever for exclusive transport.

• Big contracts for the transportation of students for the Dutch municipalities of Haarlemmermeer, Uithoorn and Haarlem.

• Fourth generation Verhoef enters the company.

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